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As your listing agent, my job is to put you in the strongest negotiating position possible to achieve YOUR GOALS. This actually involves a lot more than just helping you to negotiate an offer. It begins early in the process with effective pricing and preparation of your home, and continues with diligent marketing, communication, and building positive relationships with the other parties.

My extensive business background enables me to serve you from an expert financial perspective, project manage your entire selling process, negotiate to your best interests, and coach you through the ups and downs of a home sale. 

I will be your source of expertise and knowledge, interpret information, coach you through the process and provide good counsel as you consider the decisions you’ll need to make.

I will make the process more convenient for you, saving you time and reducing your stress.


I will expertly coordinate the transaction from start to finish, handling the details and keeping you informed.

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Find out what your home is worth in today's market. Call today to schedule a 15-minute introductory call! 913-269-0900


I will be your trusted advisor every step of the way, bringing you years of expertise, professionalism and respect for where you are in the process.



Developing a listing strategy is one of the most important steps in the process. This is where we make sure our plan is in sync with your goals and priorities, and that we find our way to your most ideal outcome. Some important questions to ask:


  • What are you goals in selling your home? For some it's maximizing financially, for others it's hitting a very specific timeline. For others still it's minimizing disruption to daily lives and making it as simple as possible.


  • Do you need funds from your current home sale to buy your next one? If so, there are special considerations and strategies we can employ to ensure you are in the best position possible.

  • Are you willing to go do temporary housing in between homes?

  • Are you willing to do repairs or updates to prep your house or do you prefer to sell it as is?

Ensuring the condition of your home is ready to go to market is a very important step. This includes making repairs that buyers will consider important, possibly doing some updates that will make your home more competitive with what's in the market, and staging your home in a way that appeals to the most buyers possible.

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Once you've decided to take this journey, I am here to help you present your home in the best light possible and maximize your financial rewards. My experience working with both sellers and buyers, and therefore understanding what buyers value, along with my deep understanding of Kansas City real estate market put me in a strong position to lead you through the process. Key steps and services:

  • I will prepare and discuss with you a detailed competitive market analysis so you understand not only the current value of your home, but relevant trends that can influence your sale. My goal is to arm you with an in-depth understanding of market forces so you can feel confident in making decisions as we move forward. I use a unique set of analytical tools to fully explain the current market and trends.


  • Sign Exclusive Right to Sell listing agreement and complete the required Seller's Disclosure.

  • I will help you determine what, if any, repairs and updates are necessary to meet your goals. I have a great network of contractors to help as well.

  • I will make sure your home is presented in the best possible way - by staging and hiring professional photography. Online presentation is key, as this is how buyers screen homes.

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Once we have prepped your house and determined a market-based listing price, we get to work marketing and showing. That's only the first step, though, as there are many stages of a sale after a buyer writes an offer and you go under contract on your house. I will provide:

  • Full online marketing, through our local MLS and hundreds of other public websites

  • Networked marketing throughout my vast network of co-op agents, including my Keller Williams office, which is the largest in the Kansas City Metro area

  • Strategic dialogue with buyers' agents to understand as much as possible that can create leverage for you - including showing follow up and offers

  • Negotiating offers, including understanding buyer qualification to help you understand the strength of offers presented, where you may have more or less risk and what is most likely to get you to the closing table

  • Easy to use contract tools, including digital signatures

  • Negotiating inspection items, providing access to quality contractors as needed

  • Appraisal dispute resolution as needed

I will be there every step of the way to make sure you understand the market, the process, and the paperwork, so that you can feel confident in the decisions you make from pricing to accepting an offer to closing.


Heartland MLS 3Q 2022 Update (most recent available)

Monthly trends for KC Metro Area

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